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Designed, developed, and tested in Australia by our in-house suspension design engineers, our 4x4 shock absorbers are crafted and tested to excel in the harshest conditions worldwide.

As we export to over 40 countries worldwide from our Australian head office, the importance of quality is at the forefront of our complete design and manufacturing process. This ensures that every shock can withstand the blistering heat and corrugations of the Australian outback right through to the sub-zero temperatures of a Russian winter.


Where possible, we design each part number to deliver an extended shock absorber, providing enhanced wheel travel, firmer valving for a controlled ride, and a larger body with increased oil capacity, ensuring cooler operation compared to the original vehicle shock absorbers.

Additionally, our designs boast hidden features, such as a thicker external tube wall thickness, reaching up to 3mm on our 4x4 struts, surpassing other brands that may use as little as 1.5mm.

In selected 4x4 struts from our range, we incorporate single-piece drop-forged lower mounting stems, offering superior strength and reliability.


  • Direct Bolt-In O.E. Replacement

  • Steel Dust Cover for Added Protection*

  • 35mm & 32mm Bore Size

  • Double Chromed 18mm Rod

  • 60mm & 51mm Body Size

  • High Quality Fuch’s Oil

  • NOK Multi-Lip Seals

  • Teflon Piston Rings

  • Longer Extended Lengths*

  • Twin-Tube Big-Bore Design

  • Vehicle & Weight Specific Valving

  • Natural Rubber Bushings

*Where Applicable

Testing Process

Our Twin Tube Nitrogen Gas charged shock absorbers are made from the world’s highest quality external and internal parts sourced worldwide. They provide a significant increase in performance over the standard shock absorbers.

Originally equipped shock absorbers are prone to shock fade, and when a vehicle is loaded, they simply cannot cope with the additional weight and the harsh conditions that 4x4 owners love to put them through.

Our Twin Tube shock absorbers feature larger bodies, larger bores, and increased valving performance to dramatically improve vehicle handling and control and reduce shock fade.

High Quality Parts

Only the highest quality internal and external parts are used to ensure hassle-free long-life operation. When developing shock absorbers, we test every single component of the shock absorber to ensure each part can withstand the vast difference in operating temperatures, a variety of different environments and conditions, and also ensure each part provides long service life.

These include Japanese NOK Multi-Lip seals, Fuchs German shock absorber oil, Natural Rubber bushings for reduced Noise Vibration Harshness, high-quality Teflon piston rings, and Double Chrome hardened rods are just a few of the components that put our shock absorbers ahead of the rest.

In House Dyno Testing

We perform further sample testing of the shock absorber valve forces using a state-of-the-art Dyno testing machine. This ensures each shock absorber is manufactured in accordance with our requirements to provide accurate valving for each application.

In House Durability Testing

We've developed a fully customized shock absorber durability tester to simulate the rigorous conditions that a 4WD encounters throughout its lifetime. This specialized machine plays a crucial role in the design and testing of each component, minimizing any risk of failure. Our durability tester replicates real-life scenarios with varying velocities, subjecting shock absorbers to operating temperatures that can surpass 100 degrees Celsius. It provides immediate feedback on temperatures, velocity, and valve force, proving indispensable when testing for shock fade under the extreme conditions that our shock absorbers may face over millions of cycles.

Component & Performance Testing

We meticulously disassemble our shock absorbers, subjecting their components to a battery of tests using various processes to ensure they adhere to our stringent quality standards. Subsequently, comprehensive ride quality and in-vehicle performance testing is conducted to evaluate final ride comfort, handling, load handling capacity, and overall performance. This rigorous testing process guarantees that each type of our shock absorbers not only meets but surpasses the highest industry standards.

Manufacturing Process

With a legacy spanning over 60 years, we have mastered the craft of manufacturing the highest quality springs and suspension components. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the utilization of cutting-edge manufacturing processes for our 4x4 shock absorbers. These shocks are crafted with the latest technology and adhere to the rigorous standards of the TS16949 International Quality Assurance Systems. Our production methods include double-reinforced robotic welding, friction welding, CNC Machined components, and the precision of drop forging for high-stress mounting components.

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