IFP Monotube

Dobinsons IMS monotube shock absorbers are designed for next level performance over twin tube shocks in those hot, harsh, demanding conditions. By utilising the monotube design, Dobinsons IMS shock absorbers are able to resist fade far longer on corrugated roads, long or hard working 4WD trips, towing or racing conditions.
Composite piston wear bands, high quality Fuchs oil and a race style 3-stage sealing system offer the lowest levels of friction whilst maintaining durability and longevity without the need for frequent rebuilding or servicing. Dobinsons team of engineers spend hundreds of hours of testing and tuning the shim stacks and damping characteristics in each IMS shock to ensure a balance of comfort, handling, vehicle control and off-road performance.

50 & 60mm Pistons

The larger 50 and 60mm high flow pistons reduce internal pressures, reduce the heat generated, transfer heat to the body for faster cooling and offer improved damping performance and vehicle control at higher shaft speeds on rough terrain and during big impacts.

Dobinsons IMS Shock Absorbers
IMS Threaded Bodies

Threaded Bodies

Threaded bodies on struts allow for fine tuning of height and offer further improvements in cooling.

The micropolished, hard chromed and heat treat shock shaft, CNC aluminium high flow race inspired piston, and DOM seamless tubing body provides the ultimate in performance and off-road durability.

Composite Wear Band

High Flow Piston

50 / 60mm CNC Machined High Flow Billet Aluminium Race Piston
Composite Wear Band

Composite Wear Band

Carbon-Fibre /PTFE/Disulphide composite wear band for the ultimate in low-friction, low-wear performance
Heavy Duty Body

Heavy Duty Body

3mm Thick Heavy Duty DOM Seamless 56mm / 66mm O.D. shock Body Precision Honed to +/- 0.04mm
Adjustable Spring Seat

Adjustable Spring Seat

T6 6061 Height Adjustable Spring Seat
IMS Shock Absorber
Internal Floating Piston

Internal Floating Piston

Internal Floating Piston
Natural Rubber Bushings

Rubber Bushings

High Quality O.E.M Grade Natural Rubber Bushings
Single Piece Lower Leg

Lower Leg

Single Piece Lower Leg
EDP Surface Protection

Surface Protection

EDP Surface Protection
  • Zero shock fade in all terrains
  • Direct, bolt-on replacement for easy fitment
  • Corrosion resistant (EDP Surface Protection)
  • Heavy duty single piece lower leg
  • Enormous oil capacity
  • Heavy Duty 3 Stage FKM HNBR Sealing System for the ultimate in offroad handling
  • Race inspired Hi-Flow CNC 6061 Billet Alloy Piston for the ultimate in offroad handling
  • Twin Tube<br />Nitro-Gas<br />Shocks

    Twin Tube

  • MRR<br />SHOCKS


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