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If your vehicle carries a lot of weight for a living, or you are setting up for a big lap of Aus, chances are you are over your Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) and you don’t even know it.

Common accessories and touring gear all add up easily, so don’t get caught out being overloaded.


What is a GVM upgrade?

A Dobinsons GVM upgrade enhances your vehicle's legal weight-carrying capacity through the expert installation of a specially designed Dobinsons suspension kit. This kit, rigorously tested and approved in Australia by the Department of Infrastructure, replaces the factory springs, shock absorbers, and other standard suspension components. Additionally, tyre upgrades may be necessary.

Unlike a standard aftermarket suspension kit, the Dobinsons GVM upgrade not only raises your vehicle's ride height from its original factory setting but also significantly boosts its payload capacity. This results in improved handling and stability, contributing to a safer driving experience.

Why would you need a GVM upgrade?

If you frequently transport loads near your vehicle's factory Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM), a Dobinsons GVM upgrade might be necessary. Surpassing the payload limit set by your vehicle's manufacturer renders your vehicle unroadworthy.

Regulatory authorities actively issue fines and can mandate the removal of overloaded vehicles from the road. Moreover, should your vehicle be involved in an accident while exceeding its payload capacity, there's a risk that your insurance policy could be invalidated.

Pre-registration GVM upgrades

If you've recently signed a sales contract or are planning to do so, opting for a pre-registration upgrade is a more advantageous choice. With this option, your vehicle will be delivered already equipped with the GVM upgrade, fulfilling all compliance requirements right from the beginning.

This approach not only offers an increased GVM from the outset but is also more cost-effective. The engineering and testing involved have already been provided to the Department of Infrastructure during the initial approval process. As a result, your vehicle will be recognized by the Register of Approved Vehicles (RAV), ensuring its validity across all states and territories for the vehicle's lifespan.

Post-registration GVM upgrades

If your vehicle is already registered, a post-registration GVM upgrade is a feasible option. Accessories can significantly increase a vehicle's weight, making a Dobinsons GVM upgrade essential for vehicles in service. This process is somewhat more intricate as the regulations vary across different states and territories. It requires the involvement of an approved signatory who is responsible for endorsing the upgrade and providing the necessary documentation to the respective state or territory road authorities. This step incurs additional costs for the end user and adds complexity to the process.

Your nearest authorized Dobinsons GVM installer will typically have a designated signatory they collaborate with. While an in-service (post-registration) GVM upgrade is recognized in all states and territories, it's important to note that if you relocate interstate or sell your vehicle to someone in a different state or territory, the vehicle will need to undergo re-certification in that new location, which may entail further costs.

GCM Upgrades

Currently, the Department of Infrastructure and Transport does not endorse or approve upgrades to the Gross Combination Mass (GCM). Similarly, Dobinsons Spring & Suspension also does not endorse or approve any GCM upgrades that are specific to individual states.


Tare Weight - This is the vehicles weight with fluids and 10 liters of fuel.

Kerb Weight - Weight of the vehicle with full fuel tank, an average driver of 68 kilos and 7kg of luggage.

GVM - Gross Vehicle Mass is the maximum allowable weight. Inclusive of all occupants. Accessories, luggage and tow ball mass.

GCM - Gross Combination Mass is the total combined weight of your vehicle, tow ball mass and trailer.

Axle Load - In addition to GVM, vehicle have a maximum allowable load on both the front and rear axles.

ATM - Aggregate Trailer Mass is the maximum allowable weight of the trailer as designated by the manufacturer.

TBM - Tow Ball Mass is the weight on the tow ball by the trailer.

Tyre Load & Speed Rating - This can be found on the sidewall of your tyre and indicates maximum load and maximum speed the tyre is capable of.


Authorised Fitters




Each Dobinsons shock absorber is designed specifically for the vehicle and application and is designed to perform best when matched with Dobinsons Coil Springs.