Whatever your needs are for night driving, we cater for every option

Be it out on the rough terrain requiring the brightest intensity or the long distance of an open terrain along the coast, or both, Dobinsons has got the lot!

All driving lights are IP67 and IP68 Dust and Water Proof Certified. We stock a full range of LED light bars and driving lights with many variations in output and functionality.

Driving Lights

Zenith 155 watt LED Driving light

The Zenith 155 watt LED Driving light combines two years of research, testing and development to offer the ultimate in LED driving light performance. Combining 4 x 20 watt extra deep dish long distance LED chips and 15 x 5 watt spread LED chips, the Zenith driving light has been designed, tested and proven in Australia to provide a combination of long distance and close-spread clear white light. The 8.25” multi-fin alloy housing combined with a heavy duty steel mounting bracket and polycarbonate lens ensures the Zenith Driving light will continue to perform in the harshest terrain. 
Long Distance LED’s

Long Distance LED’s

4 x 20 Watt 6000K Long Distance Centre LED’s
Spread LED’s

Spread LED’s

15 x 5 Watt 6000K Spread Centre LED’s
Water & Dust Proof

Water & Dust Proof

IP68 Water & Dust Proof Rating
3 Stage Sealing System

Variable Voltage

155 Watt - 9 to 32V DC
Raw Lumens

Raw Lumens

12,700 Raw Lumens Per Light
Polycarbonate Lens

Polycarbonate Lens

Polycarbonate Smash Resistant Lens
Braced Steel Mount

Braced Steel Mount

Heavy Duty Braced Steel Mount
Multi-Finned Housing

Multi-Finned Housing

8.25” Multi-Finned Heat Dispersing Alloy Housing

7” LED Driving Lights


  • IP68 Water & Dust Proof Rating
  • Multi-Fin Heat Dispersing Alloy Housing
  • 50,000 Hour Life Span
  • Waterproof Connecting Plugs
  • 10-30V DC Multi-Voltage Compatible
  • Super Tough Polycarbonate Covers
  • 6500K Cree LED Modules
  • 10° Spot-Beam Long Distance Reflectors
  • Heavy Duty Adjustable Mounting Base

3” Square LED Driving/Work Light

Sold as a Kit (Contains 1 x Lights, 1 x Clear Lens Cover)
  • 3” Square
  • 16 Watt, 10-30v DC
  • 4 x 4 Watt Cree LED Bulbs
  • IP68 Water & Dust Proof
  • Reversible & Adjustable Mount
  • Includes Polycarbonate Lens Cover
  • Heat Dispersing Diecast Alloy Housting
  • 1,440 Raw Lumens Each
  • 30,000+ Hours Lifespan
  • 80mm Wide x 95mm High x 78mm Deep
  • Colour - 6500k

4” Round LED Driving/Work Light

Sold as a Kit (Contains 1 x Lights, 1 x Clear Lens Cover)
  • 4” Round
  • 12 watt, 10-30v DC
  • 4 x 3 watt Cree LED bulbs
  • IP68 water & dust proof
  • Adjustable mount
  • Impact resistant lens cover
  • Fits in most 100mm fog light mounting openings
  • Heat dispersing diecast alloy housing
  • 1,000 raw lumens each
  • 30,000+ hours lifespan
  • 100mm (4”) diameter
  • 12 watt, 10-30v DC
  • Colour - 6000k
*Can be used to replace Fog Lights as Driving Lights (may require some bracket fabrication, not suitable as fog lights)
Light Bars

Light Bars

The lens reflector in each Dobinsons LED light have been specifically designed and tested to match each light and provide excellent long range lighting distance coupled with impressive light spread. Combine this with IP67 (lightbars) and IP68 (driving lights) Dobinsons LED lights are completely sealed against dust and can be submersed in depths up to 1 metre.

Other benefits of Dobinsons 4x4 LED lights include no warm up period, increased resistance to vibration damage and an expected life span of over 30,000 hours, exceeding the life of most vehicles.

Dobinsons range of LED Light Bars and Driving Lights combine the latest in CREE LED module technology with high quality narrow angle reflectors to provide astonishing long distance, super bright white light and impressive light spread due to the multi-bulb LED design.

Dobinsons range of LED lights offer the very latest in long lasting LED technology. Utilising highly efficient, high quality LED bulbs, Dobinsons 4x4 LED lights will provide you with clear, bright light long into the night, without drawing excessive power consumption from your vehicle. All driving lights are IP67 and IP68 Dust and Water Proof Certified.


  • IP68 Water & Dust Proof Rating
  • Multi-Fin Heat Dispersing Alloy Housing
  • 30,000 Hour Life Span
  • 10-30V DC Multi-Voltage Compatible
  • Polycarbonate Lens
  • 6000K Cree LED Modules
  • 20° Spot-Beam Long Distance Reflectors
  • Reversible & Adjustable Mounting Feet




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Manufactured from high quality structural steel, Dobinsons Bull Bars are CNC cut, bent and welded for accurate fitment and optimum strength and durability.