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King of the Strip - 2023

Dobinsons Spring & Suspension's 'King of the Strip' returns to Benaraby Dragway with the wickedest Four Wheel Drive competition in Queensland!



Petrol Limited

Naturally aspirated Petrol Engine Vehicles with Capacity up to 6.3L and Forced induction petrol vehicles (either turbocharged or supercharged) with capacity upto 3.5L.

Petrol Unlimited

Naturally aspirated Petrol Engine Vehicles with Capacity 6.4L and over, and Forced induction petrol vehicles (either turbocharged or supercharged) with capacity 3.6L and over.


All diesel vehicles.

4x2 Exhibition Ute - Brought back for 2023!!

Diesel, Petrol, Methanol, N/A, Supercharged, NOS, Slicks - ANYTHING GOES!! These vehicles and racers must meet all current ANDRA vehicle and licensing requirements. These racers will be competing for BRAGGING RIGHTS ONLY, and are not part of the Prize Pool. For any Technical Inspections or licensing assistance, please contact Mike on 0419 703 710.


Beneraby Dragway – 177 Jono Porter Drive, Beneraby 4680 Queensland

Saturday June 3rd 2023. Racing to start Approximately 12.00 noon and to finish into the evening by 10:00pm depending on number of entrants.

Gates open from 8:00 am. Entrants encouraged to arrive at track in the morning a few hours before racing to allow sufficient time for scrutineering.

Anyone with flu/covid like symptoms should not attend the event and should follow directions and testing requirements in line with Queensland Government Recommendations.


Dobinsons “King of the Strip 4WD Drag Competition” (for the Prize Pool) is restricted to 4WD vehicles only (4WD vehicles with a transfercase / centre-locking diff / high low range etc).

4x2 Utes are allowed to run in the EXHIBITION CLASS. Vehicles that were originally 4WD may still be able to compete in the Prize Pool classes.

If unsure please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for clarification.


Vehicles are subject to ANDRA General Requirements. The entrant is responsible for ensuring the vehicle complies and is safe to race. Some Basic information can be found below.

For vehicles expected to run faster than 11.00 seconds, the entrant should read the rulebook located on the ANDRA website for clarification of further requirements.

Click here for ANDRA Rulebook


Vehicle should be in good working order and free from any oil, fuel or coolant leaks. Chassis must be in good condition and free from structural defects and excessive rust.


Maximum crankshaft centreline heights are listed as below (measured from centre of crankshaft to ground).

36 inches / 915mm for vehicles running 12.00 seconds 1/4 mile / 7.64 seconds 1/8 mile and slower.

31 inches / 785mm for vehicles running 11.99 to 10.00 seconds 1/4 mile / 7.63 to 6.36 seconds 1/8 mile.

24 inches / 610mm for vehicles running 9.99 seconds 1/4 mile / 6.35 seconds 1/8 mile and quicker.

All measurements are to be made from level ground with racing pressure in the tyres.


Wheels and tires should be in good condition. Tires must not have any cord or belt showing and tread depth must exceed the minimum tread depth indicator.

All wheels must not have any missing wheel nuts.


Vehicles using Nitrous Oxide systems must comply with the ANDRA regulation in the rulebook located on the ANDRA website.


Suspension brakes and steering systems must be in good working order.

Brake pads should have sufficient pad depth.

All suspension parts, linkages and steering boxes, pumps and linkages should be in good condition and free from excess free-play.


For all turbocharged vehicles that are not fitted with at least 1 muffler the exhaust tip must have 2 bolts 3/8” or 10mm in diameter drilled and installed across the diameter of the exhaust tip at 90 degrees to each other, to prevent the exit of debris in the event of a turbine failure.


All entrants racing on the day are required to wear long pants, enclosed shoes and a helmet.

Helmets such as Australian approved motorcycle helmets can be used and should be in good condition, less than 10 years old and should be free from defects.


A “Chicago Shootout” race format will be used where by each entrant has 3 qualifying runs and 3 elimination runs allowing a 6 runs for each competitor. Finals for each class will then follow.


$150 total to race. This covers Day License and Gate Entry as well as required insurances for the race meet.

Children under 13 and card-carrying pensioners get in the gate for FREE.


Class winner $800 & $500 Voucher from Ocean Tyres

Class Runner up $400

Class Quickest E.T. $800

SWL sponsored - Greatest Burnout $500

Dobinsons sponsored - Quickest Kettle $500

Quickest E.T. of the day - $1000 from Beyers Smash Repair & $500 Voucher from Bursons Rockhampton